Sunday, July 10, 2011

After being too sick to even leave the house to walk outside for the last nine days, I summoned up the strength God gives and made it to Musoma to watch the ordination of our Australian missionary friend, Matt Archer. St. John's Cathedral was jammed and eighteen were ordained. I told Matt that this was not like either a graduation party or a retirement party, but rather the receipt of his working papers. He has been doing such an incredible job here, this was well deserved. I didn't take my robes and planned to sit in the back, but the Anglican bishop sat me up front near the altar and next to him and a bishop from Australia. I made it through almost everything including the sermon, but had to slip out before it was over to get back home and back in bed. Still the pain was more than worth it to see so many dedicating their lives to the service of Christ. The preacher reminded me (and everyone else) that those in leadership positions were supposed to be leading. Should have worn my steel-toed boots. It was a pew polisher for me (and in English as the preacher was from Australia). Humbled to be among those dedicated and faithful workers. On the ride home, we planned for some new changes here at our mission. Hongera, Matteo! Congratulations, Matt.
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