Sunday, June 5, 2011

Your 46th anniversary is one of those days that you think about your life and what you've accomplished. Because it's my anniversary, I know that almost everything I accomplished was with the help and support of my wife--no small thing indeed. I doubt that when (or if) I get to my 50th anniversary that that will change much. Life is just too difficult to get through alone. We need other people. We can't always have wives or husbands or moms and dad, but we can always find friends and church family to support and inspire us. We need other people in order to be Christians. Our Christianity is defined by how we treat other people. Don't believe me? Check out the 25th chapter of Matthew. All of the commandments of Christ had to do with our relationships with others. Someone once asked me how I could love Tanzanians. I told him it was because I loved them that I was here in the first place. If you can't love others, especially those different from yourself and your little family circle, life is going to be very hard for you, and eternity may not be such a good thing for you. At least that's the message I take away from the New Testament. It is not necessarily the message that many Christian denominations teach, but they, too, will be judged by how they treat others. There will be a judgement, of that, I am convinced. And I am convinced it is far better to love than to hate, to care rather than to ignore, to touch rather than to look away, to be there for those who need you whatever the cost. Love is the answer, if you can love on a big enough scale. Open your heart and you cannot close your mind.
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