Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We are so blessed here. This morning, Charlini ran into my room, threw her arms around my neck and said in perfect English, "I love you!" What a way to start a day with a message of love from a four-year-old orphan who is not yet out of the woods. Another two years and she should be fairly safe. John taught in Musoma again today where his students lap up his every word. He always comes home in a good mood, as would I. I have begun grieving for my mother even though she is still with us, but at 96 and in the hospital, who knows? Death is all around us here every day, but in my family only my father has died so far and he was just a month short of 90 years old. Death is always an unusual thing in the U.S. even though no one escapes. Here it is as much a part of life as birth is. I don't like all the death here, but the people here have a much healthier attitude about I think. As Christians, or even Muslims, death is a doorway to a new adventure and never the end. I know my mother will be happy to rejoin all her family and her husband whom she has started to call for. What a piece of work is man the bard said and it is so true. Please pray for all those who suffer and especially for those who much watch their loved ones suffer without being able to help. We all, always, are "standin' in the need of prayer."
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