Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today, Karen and John went out to Kabasa to meet with the government to get them to fulfill their part of the contract with the school. The school is being registered, so everything should go smoothly from this time on. Karen had told the teacher to bring her twenty orphans so she could give them dresses, so naturally about sixty kids showed up. We only had 22 dresses, so many had to go home empty-handed. There are many more coming with the group from South Carolina next month, so we should be able to clothe another forty or more. There will always be more orphans than dresses and shorts for them, but we will give out as many as we are sent. While I was still at the mission, Collins came on his new bicycle to pick up $120 to feed a hundred children for a month, another $100 for the operation of the school, and another $50 to match the money they raised to take thirty of the kids out in the Serengeti. It's pretty cheap for them, but without an organized trip, none of these kids would ever get to see the animals that bring so many others to their country. There are loads of pictures of the orphans and their new dresses you can get to by clicking on the photo at the right. Do look. All in all, a very good day.
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