Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shaban returned today from Nairobi with the medication we needed for the next six months. He rode the bus all night to get there and then all night to get back. We are very grateful. Karen should begin to feel some relief from the pain in a day or two. She has a swollen leg that is also giving her pain, so the doctor is coming tomorrow to work on that problem. We found another door jamb in the house that termites have destroyed, so we will start replacing that tomorrow. The original builders used cheap, untreated wood thus we will be replacing termite damage for some years to come. We replace the cheap wood with treated African hardwood and the result is very good--strong, beautiful, and insect resistant. We could never have afforded to do all of them at once, so doing them as they need to be replaced keeps it within our budget. Edina's daughter, Paulina, continues to improve and Juliana is also much better today. Power was out for nine hours today, and any group coming should be aware of our power problems. It should not interfere with any of their plans except maybe for hot showers, but TIA. Tonight's sunset was too beautiful for words. Maybe God was saying sorry for all the trouble, but look how beautiful things can be. It made us feel better.
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