Saturday, June 11, 2011

The safari was a huge success. John did an incredible job of riding herd on the nineteen kids. He was the only mzungo (non-African) on the bus with six adults and all those kids. We are so really lucky to have him. Karen just didn't feel up to going and I had a meeting scheduled with Bishop Monto, so John volunteered to chaperon. They got off late (TIA) but they saw lots of animals, had a great lunch, and came home tired (barely making it out of the park before closing) but with memories that will last a lifetime. Lots of photos (13 in all) accessible at right by clicking on the picture. Bishop Monto came by and we had a lengthy meeting which was very good. I even taught him some church history he didn't know about the Roman and Orthodox Catholic split around 1153 AD. He will deliver two bicycles to evangelists in Musoma and he also took Bibles for the circuit there. We also agreed that from now on, he will deal with all the church politics. This is a huge relief to me, as my mission is to assist the church here not to police it. We planned a seminar for pastor training and at the end of the seminar we will ordain three new pastors--with certificates and everything. The church continues to grow and is healthier than it has been since 2000, so we are blessed indeed.
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