Monday, June 20, 2011

Karen is worse because of some additional woman type problems. Shaban located the chief physician for the Bunda District and brought him here this afternoon. He knew her instantly when he saw her. He said he must use all his skill to make her better because Bunda needs her for many years to come. He did confirm that the other medication we need is only available in Nairobi, so I will be making that trip later this week or the first of next week depending on when we can get the money here. If Dr. Rainer can ease her pain now, I would rather wait until next week for the Nairobi trip. I have been in touch with our doctor in Nairobi who said to come any time and he will give me the prescriptions which I can fill at Nairobi Hospital for less than at a chemists (drug store). It is six pm here, but the doctor has gone to get Karen some medicine to ease her pain for tonight and has scheduled her for a more thorough exam tomorrow at eight am at DDH (district designated hospital) here in Bunda. They now have a new EKG machine and want to monitor her for several hours tomorrow. Her spirits are much improved and will remain so if the medicine works tonight. I know this particular doctor came because of your prayers, so please keep them going. Thank you and God bless you.
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