Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Karen is taking both of her classes and the teachers into the Serengeti on Saturday. It's a graduation present for all twenty-two kids. They'll be taking their lunch (very expensive in the park), but the main thing is that they will get to see the animals that have put Tanzania on the map. The word "safari" in Swahili just means "trip" of any length, but after Saturday they can say they really went on a safari. The government closed down the Coptic Hospital in Musoma claiming that the doctors weren't really qualified which wasn't true. Now, we hear that they will be reopening after paying some money to immigration to get new worker's permits. Makes you wonder. It wasn't just the Coptic hospital, either, it was an AIC dispensary and two other faith-based operations. The Coptic Hospital does a fantastic job with AIDs patients as well as others. There was a real outcry from the locals when it got shut down, but it will be reopening next week. I hate politics. I read where some people in the U.S. got arrested for feeding the homeless. I'm sure that Jesus cries Himself to sleep some nights over how we treat each other. Dedicated people live lives that become the gospel whatever the consequences. May you be among them.
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