Thursday, June 23, 2011

Karen is still suffering, but she has proper doctor involvement and by next Tuesday should have all the medication she needs as well. She did manage some smiles and laughs as we watched some of the best of the Dean Martin Variety show last night. I would say that she is "standin' in the need of prayer" but she finds it difficult to stand-- yet the need for prayer is still there. We went to put up the last of the new metal security doors only to find that we needed to replace the entire door frame--termites. Got started it on it today. Will be delivering a new bicycle next week to the pastor at Karikakari (Festo) who is excited. This pastor has started four churches all by himself (well, with help from his choir) and has created his own circuit. He is also digging a well (financed by us) so the women don't have to walk five kilometers to get water from Lake Victoria. The well is now down to 45 feet and they have hit damp soil, so things are looking good. Power was out 12 hours on Monday, three hours yesterday, and another 12 today. With petrol at $9.00 a gallon, it makes running the generator an expensive alternative, but we thank God we have that generator. Shaban is leaving by bus for Nairobi on Sunday to get our prescriptions. One of them would cost us $200 a month in the U.S., but only $37 a month in Nairobi. Makes it worth the bus fare for Shaban. It is a ten hour bus ride that gets in at midnight, so we are very thankful that he is willing to make the trip. As soon as we can get Mama Africa stabilized, John has a student in Musoma that will come stay here for a week for intensive training. We do what we can with what we have. It is all that God asks of us, but for some it is too much. We are blessed and grateful to be able to serve our brothers and sisters here. Thank you for all your prayers.
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