Saturday, June 18, 2011

Karen is in quite a bit of pain today: joints, arm, hand, hip, and leg. She was not able to attend graduation which is shows how bad the pain is. John is helping as is Bwana Masele and Neema, so the kids will still have a good time. I had to drive down to get petrol (which is now over $9.00 a gallon) for the generator. Two five-gallon containers cost $100 ($50 each) to fill and will run the generator for about twenty hours. Being a missionary is getting to be expensive. It cost almost $240 to fill the tank on the car. The only thing that has gone down in price is propane for some unexplained reason. It dropped by $2 from $47 to $45 for a tank (we use two--one for our house, one for the school). There is a circuit meeting here in Bunda, and I delivered some Bibles and will deliver another bicycle next Friday. No matter how Karen and I feel, the mission work continues, as it should. We are thankful that we are able to serve even if we are less than able to do everything we want. The heat continues but there has been no rain. Juliana's mother was in the hospital briefly on Thursday but is home now and doing a little better.
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