Monday, June 6, 2011

Just a typical day at the ranch. John had to sort out a dispute among our workers over gravel rights--which he did quite well. Karen had a meeting with her teachers that also went well. Juliana was off due to the death of a neighbor, and I met with the local immigration officer doing his six-month check-up (we were fine, of course). Then a representative of the Baptists who are coming in August (the second group) came by to confirm their visit. They were a day early in spite of the fact that I worked out a calendar for them, but they will just stay in Mwanza an extra night so the group that is here can get off to the airport. This means that one group leaves in the morning and the other group arrives in the afternoon. Not a problem for us skilled multi-taskers. The immigration officer reminded me that our residence permits need renewing next month (every two years), so we will deal with that. Power is on, internet is up, we have hot water, and the toilets flush--everything is just A-okay, but keep us in your prayers anyway.
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