Thursday, June 2, 2011

How hot is it? It's too hot to wear your wristwatch to bed. Three cold showers a day is not enough--and this is our winter! Ah, well, TIA. We are having to replace ceiling tiles in the guest cottage that was host to the bees. Who knew they would be so destructive? Didn't even get any honey, having given that to the guys who got rid of them. Karen has been having a relaxing birthday which she so richly deserves. Tomorrow, we give another new bicycle to an evangelist who is doing a good job in the Busega circuit. I am also loaning (giving) some money to Bwana Masele so he can buy a new rear tire for his piki-piki (motorbike). I pointed out that if he didn't ride it, it wouldn't wear out, but he didn't think my reasoning amounted to much. Missionary fellowship will be in Bunda this Saturday at the Archer's (our Australian friends). One missionary couple is going back to the States after five years here and then, when they come back, they will go to Uganda, so this is good-bye to a good couple with good hearts. We are praying for the tornado victims wherever they are (Massachusetts, really?).
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