Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Had to say good-bye to one of our best workers today. His name is Paul and he worked with Edina in landscaping and he was in charge of our filter business. A few years back, his family was in dire need of money, so Paul dropped out of school and got the highest paying job he could find which was working with toxic chemicals. Now, his lungs are so messed up that he has trouble breathing. He said now that his sister has a job, he no longer needs to work which was making his lung disease worse. He thanked us profusely for all the help we have given him and his family, but he can no longer work. At least he will get social security and I gave him two month's pay to help out. We are all very sorry to see him go and to hear of his worsening condition. This kind of thing happens to almost all of those who work around the small gold mines here. He cried as he left which didn't make things easier on John and me. He has a new wife and a new son as well. We pray he will live long enough to get to know his son, but you never know. Life is hard here. I am sad not only because of Paul, but my mother is dying and I cannot be there to help my sister. I knew this would happen when we came and she and my brothers all have assured me that they have things under control, but if I could be there, I would. Keep us all in your prayers.
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