Saturday, June 25, 2011

Edina's daughter, Paulina, is in the hospital with cerebral malaria and is in great need of prayers. She is having seizures and is having a hard time. Paulina, is in a preparatory school for University and is a very bright young lady. Edina is suffering, too, as every parent does. She couldn't even get into the hospital for 24 hours because there were so many others with malaria ahead of her. This just breaks our hearts. Shaban leaves tomorrow for Nairobi on the bus to get our prescriptions. We are very grateful for his service to our family. The power was out for twelve hours last night from seven at night to seven this morning, then was out again this afternoon for four more hours. We have no idea how long this will continue, but it is very expensive for us. Other missionaries have lost all the food from their freezers and are having other problems as well. Still, we carry on, as we all must, if we are serious about our calling. Even with Karen and I both under the weather, we can still serve--and do--just not as much as we wish we could. Our cause and our calling are of God and we honor that with all we have. Do keep us and all missionaries in your prayers.
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