Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Doctor just left giving Karen some new antibiotics for the infection which is not bad according to the doctor. Also has prescribed a baby aspirin a day for her cardiac arrhythmia. She also needs to exercise. I will probably be going to Nairobi next week to get her medication for fibromyalgia and hypertension. She will be fine which is great news for John and me. Pastor Karoli came by today to get some more money to help care for the orphaned twins he supports (money a gift from Jimmye Whitfield and St. James UMC). Still looking for someone to replace Paul but that may take some time. The doctor who came gave us his private phone number and got ours. He is the chief medical officer for the entire district but said to call him at any time and he will come to our house. Not bad. I tried to pay him $40 for coming out today, but he would only take $10. We call this OmamaCare (for Mama Africa) and we like it. Don't stop praying, however, we always need your prayers.
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