Monday, June 13, 2011

About three years ago, a group from Arkansas, led by David Poulter, made some wonderful giant bookshelves for the new library in Bunda. They have remained here ever since--until today. The librarian, as frustrated as we have been with the government's lack of enthusiasm for this project, simply hired a tractor and trailer herself. See pictures at right. Paid out of her pocket, the bookshelves are now in the new library and rapidly filling with books. Eventually everything we want to get done has gotten done, but it has taken a lot of patience and prayer on our part. The people who benefit are very happy and grateful. Government officials are slow to help unless there is money in it for them someplace, but it is like that in every country, not just here. A French friend of mine said that French bureaucracy makes Tanzania's look like it is moving at warp speed. Still, the bookshelves are in the library which is up and running. It took almost six years, but no one will remember that--just that they now have a library. Other missionaries were so impressed with John's video of the kids' safari that they are recruiting him to do videos for them. Good on ya', John. Over the next few months, we will take the whole staff on a safari into the Serengeti--a few at a time and in our car. They have all seen the video and are anxious to go. It's a little thing for us, but such a big one for them. There is truly no such thing as a small act of kindness. All kindnesses are large and important to those on the receiving end--or should be. I am asking for prayers for my sister as she is dealing with my 96 year-old mother at the end of her life. She is in the hospital as of yesterday, but she is ready. It is my sister I worry about. Keep her in your prayers. Her name is Penny.
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