Thursday, May 12, 2011

While Karen and I were in the U.S., John started and completed several building projects here at Maisha Na Maji (the name of our mission which means "living water" in Swahili). None of these were part of any grand plan--we build as the need and money coincide. John has been living out of a box on the floor of his room, so he needed some stuff inside the house as well. One of the pictures is posted at the right. Clicking on it will take you to several more, each with captions explaining what you are seeing. The place looks really good now, but we are always needing to repair and replace things, but that just goes with the territory. Our staff takes a very personal interest in how the place looks and runs, and we are very grateful for that devotion. We are truly blessed to have such good friends in the U.S. who support us and such good people here who support us in their own ways. Thank you God for all of these.
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