Monday, May 16, 2011

Well, quite a lot has happened in the last two days. Sunday, after church, the secretary of the conference came for a meeting. We talked for a couple of hours and got several problems sorted out. His name is second on the list for new bicycles so he will get his next Friday. We also worked on the problems with the school (St. Wiggins Academy) and came up with some good ideas. Then today, Pastor Karoli from Mwanza came to get a check from friends in the U.S. to help finish paying for his house. While he was here, Pastor John Daniel from Lamadi and Evangelist Magesa from the Busega circuit also came. We dealt with several issues: like the need for a new soccer ball since the church team has made it to the regional finals, two new bicycles for evangelists, money for school fees for Magesa's children, and the scheduling of a sanitation and hygiene workshop in July. We also delivered fifteen more Bibles to the Lamadi circuit and five Bibles to Magesa's two churches. Then had a meeting with Bwana Masele to discuss his daughter's trying to marry John and got that sorted as well (there will be no marriage!). Karen was on a real high after coming back from the Teacher's College and meeting with some very happy graduates and happy teachers as well. The graduates were very grateful and happy that they now have careers in teaching that could never have happened without the scholarships provided by Cherokee Village UMC and Cornerstone UMC in Jonesboro. The teachers were happy because Karen's new payment system makes things better for everyone (except those who tried to take the money). Now, every student is assured that all tuition and fee money gets paid every year for every student. Way to go, Karen, and way to go all those who contribute to this wonderful scholarship program. God bless you all. John's computer lab is now ready to go and just awaiting the students who will begin this August. Two or three will come next month for a shakedown session. Thanks to all who helped make this possible. There are pictures of the lab and the graduates at right if you click on the picture.
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