Friday, May 6, 2011

We are finally home. We sincerely thank Pete O'Neal for being such a kind host. He was so excited to get the clothes for his orphans, he just couldn't thank us enough. The ladies at Grace and Elm Springs UMC are to be commended for bringing such joy to these small ones. Had a very uneventful flight home--John and Shaban were waiting for us. The entire staff had waited for us (several should have gone home since we got back at almost six pm) and came out singing and crying. Does a body good to be greeted like that. Have already had two calls from a pastor needing Bibles and St. Wiggins Academy needing money for porridge. Both will be here today and both will leave happy. I love that. John has done an incredible job while we were gone (will be posting pictures tomorrow). Shaban's mother died yesterday, so he'll be gone until next Tuesday at the earliest. We won't see Charlini until later today and can't wait. We want to thank everyone who did so much to make our American journey so wonderful, so effective, and so effortless on our part. Our churches will be praying their thanks this Sunday, so if you suddenly feel better, you will know why. It is two in the morning here, but my body is not yet back on African time. Thanks again to everyone in the U.S. who made our trip so meaningful. God bless you all.
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