Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spent the day sleeping, just like yesterday. Did meet with Pastor Festo from Karikakari. His well drilling is on hold because the rainy season has filled up the well, all forty feet worth. When the rains are gone, we will continue digging and putting in the cement casements. Karen was sleepy, too. Jet lag is a very real thing. John worked, however, in spite of the power being out for about seven hours. Charlini didn't come today because she has a sore throat and cough. Gave Juliana money for dawa (medicine) for her. One of our seminary students is coming Tuesday because he and his wife, also a seminary student, have run out of money. I guess for some, I'm kind of a holy ATM machine, but I don't mind. Money is to be used for God's purposes and this is one of those. These are good students who will be good pastors. Glad to help. A gift that goes on giving. Keep Charlini in your prayers.
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