Monday, May 9, 2011

Some very kind ladies at Grace United Methodist Church in Rogers, Arkansas, and some in Elm Springs, Arkansas, felt moved to make some clothes for our orphans here in Tanzania. They grew to love the work and made more than 500 outfits (dresses and shorts) for the boys and girls here. We brought over 100 outfits with us and more will come with a group coming from South Carolina in July. The ladies continue to sew and we will have new clothes (and they purchased new underwear as well) for some time to come. The women say that this is the most spiritual and important thing they have ever done. Just look at the picture on the right and you will see why. Clicking on the picture takes you to five more just to give you an idea of what these wonderful ladies gave (not the boy's shirts). The smiles tell you all you need to know about how the kids feel. God bless you ladies. You have done a wonderful thing.
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