Saturday, May 28, 2011

Power was out for ten hours last night, from seven pm to five am, but not part of any program--just a run-of-the-mill outage like we have from time to time. Happily, our generator chugged away so we had security lights and power for the fans. I've been wrestling with amebic dysentery but it seems to be under control. We have good medication for it although it makes everything taste like copper for about three days. This is just part of living here, like getting colds and flu season is part of the U.S. experience. While I am better, I still won't be able to go anywhere to church tomorrow--too far from Western style bathrooms (nuff said). We will have our own service here, in English, which is always nice. Got a leaky pipe fixed and should have the bees moving on by Monday, so we are nzuri sana around here.
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