Saturday, May 21, 2011

The power was only off for three hours today. According to what was predicted, we should have been without power for 45 hours over the last three days. Instead, it has been less than 20 or around six hours a day. We can deal with this. Two more evangelists came by to put in orders for bicycles today. Unfortunately, only one was on the list, so we will just have to see. Peter will get his next Friday, but Joseph will have to wait. Juliana is complaining of pain in her eyes. Tried to send her to see the doctor today, but she said he is only there on Monday, so we will wait. You get good at waiting if you live here. If you can't stand waiting, you shouldn't live here because that is a main component of life here. John has done some more work and has figured out how to make internet cafes for little money and with complete control. He will change the way computing is done here before too long. I am justly proud. Tomorrow, we go to Kabasa for church to see their new roof (which we paid for). Oh, and we are still here, so either the rapture is not coming today (it is now after 11:00 pm) or we have all been very bad. God bless all those who will be hurt by this false prophet. Faith is in believing what we cannot see and cannot know. Pray for all those who need more faith.
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