Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Met with one of our seminary students to provide school fees for next term. For he and his wife, total tuition is $300 which is not bad. Of course, that is an astronomical sum for anyone living here who does not work high up in the government. It is about a year's wages for a single worker which is just impossible for anyone living in abject poverty as do most of the people here. Depending on what survey you read, Tanzania is either the tenth or the third poorest country in the world. If you have enough disposable income to buy a single paperback book without sacrifice, you are among the top ten percent of the world's wealthy. So, we do what we can, but a little can go a long way here. We will go to Mwanza tomorrow to see if we can find a better price for our Bibles. The man we have been dealing with has raised his prices too high for me and the Catholic bookstore in Musoma was even worse. Maybe we will have better luck in Mwanza. It is worth the trip for 100 Bibles in Swahili. We try to give each new church at least fifteen Bibles but most have had to do with five. Five people out of a hundred with Bibles is hard to imagine for those who live in a world where every Christian household has two to five Bibles. I have distributed Bibles to the Indians on the Peruvian Amazon who treated them as if they were golden ingots. The word of God is that powerful. Oh, we got Karen's cast off her arm today. She soaked it in water and vinegar for a couple of hours, then Shaban took some hedge trimmers and cut it off. Karen is happy to have it off, and so am I since when she rolls over at night, I get a good whack on the head. Keep us in your prayers. The power went off while I was writing this. It is the world we live in.
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