Saturday, May 14, 2011

Met with Bwana Masele and bought 25 more Bibles bringing the total to 75 which is enough for fifteen Bibles for every circuit. Will still buy another 25 to fill in gaps in individual churches. Have delivered the first of thirteen bicycles and will deliver the rest over the next three months (it takes two days just to build one after its ordered and if you order a lot at once, they hurry and do sloppy work). Have to deal with a young girl who wants to marry John. She speaks no English and is the daughter of one of the church members, so it is a little touchy, but we will deal with it. I never had to deal with stuff like that. Karen is doing better and better every day. She has been up and out walking and going to meetings in town and acting like she is her old self again. Thank you to all who prayed and helped with her heart problem last October and who helped us on our recent trip to the States. I think there was a lot of healing in holding her granddaughters, one for the very first time. It is really hot here, but we hesitate to complain because of all the weather problems in the U.S. We are praying for all those in Louisiana who will lose their homes, their crops, and for some, their very way of life. I used to live in Louisiana (went to Bolton High School in Alexandria) and I really feel for all those who will be flooded out to save Baton Rouge and New Orleans. I am glad I didn't have to make that decision. We are facing a nationwide power outage of 15 hours a day for seven days beginning next Thursday. Many missionaries will lose all the food in their freezers. We will be able to run our generator some of the time each day, so it won't be quite so bad for us, but some missionaries are leaving for that week. Pray for all who truly need God's help in the coming days.
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