Friday, May 13, 2011

Karen went out to the Teacher's College today and met with the eight scholarship students who just graduated. Those of you who have contributed to the scholarship program should be proud--these eight will make excellent, Christian teachers in a country who needs them desperately. Thank you to all who have helped and continue to help fund this program. Yesterday, Karen paid a visit to the Bunda Library and was pleased with how it is operating. She also got an apology from the assistant to the District Commissioner for all the obstructions that government officials put in the way of the opening of the new library. Two men were fired and one was transferred to another district. The bookshelves will be put in place next week--bookshelves that were built by a mission group here. I met with Collins, the head teacher at St. Wiggins Academy (it always seems funny to write that name), and presented him with a new bicycle paid for by friends in Arkansas. I also met with one of his teachers and the chief of the village of Lamadi to discuss the school, its registration, and finding a new location for it. Right now, they are meeting under some trees having been ejected from the church where they were meeting because I refused to buy its pastor a new bicycle last March. Some pastors serve God and some serve themselves. Happily, I am not the judge. The school still meets every day and now has four teachers and 150 students. We only have eight desks for all those kids, but we will add one or two a month till we get them all seated. Since the school is meeting outside on mats and a few desks, some neighbors kindly agreed to look after the furniture when school is not in session. We had a good meeting and the future looks good for the school. We are confident we can find a new building to rent for the school. We also got 50 new Bibles in Swahili delivered and expect another 50 next week. I have posted pictures of Collins, the men from the village, the bicycle, and the Bibles at the right. Click on the picture posted to see all the pictures. God is good, all the time.
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