Tuesday, May 17, 2011

John went to Musoma today to more computer/internet work/teaching. I met with a young man, Zakaia, from Karikakari. Several of our Arkansas friends know him and have helped him complete his high school education. I am happy to say that he has graduated with very good marks and stands a good chance of getting a loan for University. The loan forms cost 30,000 Tsh, so that's why he came by today. I was happy to help--he is a good Christian young man. Bwana Masele had an accident while riding on the back of a pikipiki (motorbike) and hurt his leg, but not badly. Francis, one of our security guards, was out to go to the funeral of little neighbor girl. We always send 10,000 Tsh to the family anytime one of our staff attends a funeral. It helps pay for funeral costs and for food for the family who come. Got another bicycle today, will get one tomorrow, and one the day after that, so we can deliver three of them on Friday. Also, got the last of 100 Bibles which are now down to 45 as several have already been picked up. This is good because the Bibles do no one any good sitting in my house. Recently it dawned on me that if you answer a call, you don't get to decide when to quit. Still, "Here I am, send me."
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