Tuesday, May 24, 2011

John went to Musoma this morning to teach and do his other stuff there. He came back with an early Father's Day present for me: a new desk chair. My old one wasn't really a desk chair, was over six years old and had several bad places. Plus it was uncomfortable. I love my new one. It has a mesh back which makes it much cooler in this hot climate. I am still under the weather but better than yesterday. This happens almost every time I go into the bush; I bring back hitchhikers in the form of germs. The villagers live with them on a day to day basis, so I am lucky. A couple of sick days is more than worth what we got on Sunday and what we gave. When we first came here almost seven years ago, a fellow missionary came by to greet us and told us that we would spend the first three years getting used to the place and the next three learning how to make things work. We laughed at her because we were Americans and we would get things done right away. She was right, of course. Only just now are things really starting to take off and we are seeing the results of all the effort of the previous years. Thanks for all of your support and for staying with us even when things got tough (they may get tough again). It is such a comfort knowing that you are with us in spirit and in prayer. Asante sana! Thank you very much.
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