Friday, May 6, 2011

It seems all we did today was sleep. I did pay for two-months supply of porridge for St. Wiggins Academy and bought some books and pencils for them. The teacher will come back next Friday to get his new bicycle. His wife just had a little girl, and they named her "Karen" after Mama Africa. We gave the staff the gifts we brought them and they were all excited. No one more so than Paul, who got his very first computer to use for the biosand filter business. He was very, very happy. Charlini came today and I was asleep, but she came in anyway and woke me up to see if I was really here. We had really missed her little happy voice. Karen is asleep still, but she did have a meeting with her teachers. It will take a couple of days for us to get our biorhythms back in good order. Bwana Masele came this afternoon and we ordered 100 Bibles. It will take three weeks to get them, but we must order them now. The price has gone up a little which always irritates me, but we buy them just the same because they are important. It is really good to be home. We give thanks to God for our trip and for our return. Now, we can get back to doing God's work among His children. Thanks to all who helped and continue to help for we cannot do this without your support and prayers.
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