Monday, May 23, 2011

I was sick in bed all day, so not much to report. The district water commissioner came by to check on our biosand water filters and left having ordered three, two for his house and one for his village, so that looks good. No power outage yesterday at all and only one hour today which is normal. Looks like the big power down thing was just saber rattling. I wrote this yesterday:

Many times in this blog, I will say that "we" paid for this or that. By "we", I mean everyone who has ever contributed a single dollar to our mission. Sometimes the money does come out of our pockets but that money wouldn't be in our pockets if others had not been contributing to Karen's school, or help with our diesel bill, or helping fund the scholarships at the Teacher's College. By the word "we", I simply mean folks from the U.S. who believe in our mission, and it includes all those who pray for us. Prayers are absolutely necessary for us to do what we do here. They are just as big a contribution to our mission as the money we receive. We are so thankful for both, so please don't think that "we" ever just refers to Karen, John, and me. This is "our" mission--those of us who are here and those who are in the U.S. and keep us going, spiritually and financially. Maisha Na Maji means "living water" and the water doesn't live without powerful spiritual support. We are "living" here because you are "living" there. We means we, all who love the Lord and participate in the Great Commission. If you read the blog, comment on Facebook or Twitter, send us an email, send money to the One Book Foundation, or pray for us--then you are part of our "we" and we thank you so very, very much. Thank you and God bless you.
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