Sunday, May 29, 2011

I was just twenty when I asked Karen Lusby to marry me in the airport parking lot in Abilene, Texas. It was January of 1965, and I had just flown back to Abilene from Alexandria, Louisiana, where I had been over the Christmas holidays. I had had oral surgery to remove all of my wisdom teeth and my jaws were still swollen when I mumbled the question. She said, "Yes." For the next forty-six years she would be by my side through thick and thin. We had many "thin" years, but still she remained faithful and steadfast. Admittedly, we are in "thick" years now, both in body size and in happiness and satisfaction at who we are and where we are. Her loyalty to me has been unwavering if at times it seemed foolish and silly because of the grief I caused her. What a wonderful wife and mother she is. She taught kindergarten for over forty years in L.A. ghettos, West Texas, rural Arkansas, urban Arkansas, Boston, and now, Tanzania. She has many of her former students following her on Facebook who still think of her as their best teacher. She has never stopped loving children or teaching. She will be sixty-eight years old next Thursday and what a sixty-eight years they have been. If you love and remember her, send her a note, email, or Facebook post next Thursday. It's the best gift I can give her--to be remembered by those whose lives she has touched in a positive way. I have loved her since the day I met her and will always do so. She has blessed my life. Did she bless yours?
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