Thursday, May 12, 2011

Having some serious problems with the internet. John has been in meetings with the main guy at TTCL (our phone company) and has shown him a chart showing all the outages on a daily basis for the last two months. Result was that TTCL is going to replace its microwave system with fiber optic cable. It will take a while, but before too long, we will have fast internet. The trip to Mwanza was a success. We found all the tools and replacement parts we needed--and more traffic than we liked. Got some fried chicken at a restaurant that was really chicken bones fried in batter. Won't be going back there. Have three meetings scheduled for today. For those of you on Facebook, check out my link to the hunger in Tanzania site. We are having some serious problems in the villages around us and people are starving. Please keep them in your prayers. So many are only having one meal a day that malnutrition is already present. Our work goes on however, and the first bicycle will be delivered on Friday. Could not find cheaper Bibles in Mwanza, so we will buy those we can. We have ordered 100 which should be here in two weeks. We can give fifteen each to our new churches with a few left over, so that is a good thing.
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