Sunday, May 22, 2011

Had a fantastic, God driven, spirit-filled worship service in the little Methodist church in the village of Kabasa this morning. This very active church of about seventy adults and children was started five years ago when Karen, Amy, and Martha had a sanitation and hygiene workshop in the village. It has grown in numbers and spirit ever since from about five members to over seventy now. They even built their own church from mud bricks and though it is not very big in size it is humongous in spirit. They have a choir of twenty, singing acapella with no keyboard and they are very good. I preached entirely in Swahili, so it was a bit choppy but they seemed to get the message. When we got into the village (about 30 kilometers from Bunda), we were taken to the school we helped to build. The community got the land, made all the bricks and did all the labor. The government agreed to put on the roof and add the windows if they got the walls up. They had everything but the cement, so Karen and I supplied about $500 worth of cement. The school now has a roof, three classrooms, an office, and one permanent teacher. They are so proud. They call it Mama Africa's school although there is no sign. I've included a picture of it, Karen, the chief (Jacob), and the teacher. I've also posted pictures of the church and church service. I gave the church the money to build a thatch roof, but they got about two thirds of it done in metal and the rest in thatch (you can see this in one of the photos). We gave them enough money this morning to finish the roof in metal. We received much more than we gave today--as we always do. Lots of singing, praying, laughing, and hand shaking. It was a great day--the day after the world was supposed to end. For us, it is just the beginning. (no power outage today--another miracle)
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