Thursday, May 19, 2011

The expected 15 hour power outage was a little short today--only five hours. Seems since our area has no heavy industry dependent on electricity, we will probably only have four or five hours a day of no power. This is historically the pattern--scare everyone with dire predictions and then ease off considerably when it comes time to actually do it. Good news for us. Will probably only cost us $20 a day instead of $40 which is good. The pastor of the church in Kabasa came by today to get school fees for his high-school son. Secondary fees are 50,000 Tsh a year which is about $38--not a lot by American standards but impossible for normal Tanzanians. I think investing in education is always a good thing. The church in Kabasa (started by a sanitation and hygiene training session Amy Buckingham and Karen did three years ago) now has a building the members built with a thatched roof that we supplied. We will be going out there Sunday to celebrate with them. Gave the pastor three Bibles as well. Another good investment. Tomorrow, three pastors are coming to pick up their new bicycles. Will try to have pictures to post since the internet and power supply seem to be okay most of the day. Thanks for your prayers. Oh, we also have professional bee removers coming tomorrow. We have quite a hive in one of the guest cottages, but we don't extend our hospitality to things that buzz and sting. We've usually just smoked them out, but this is the third time in a year they have graced us with their presence and Paul is allergic to their sting. Keep him in your prayers as well. God bless.
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