Monday, May 30, 2011

The bees are history--at least for now until a new swarm takes up residence. We have more flowers here than anywhere else in Bunda, and if you have flowers, you get bees. Circle of life kind of stuff. Karen had a meeting with the scholarship students who will be starting their second year, and she will go out to the college to meet with the board to make sure everything is going smoothly. This is a wonderful program and we hope it will continue for many years. Thanks certainly go to all those at Cherokee Village UMC and Cornerstone at Jonesboro who keep this scholarship program going. Karen is going with John and Shaban to Musoma tomorrow for a meeting with the government. We will be going to Kabasa on Wednesday to see about the needs of the school there and what we can do to help. We will also be taking clothes for the orphans that the ladies at Grace UMC and Elm Springs UMC sewed for the girls and boys. The Member of Parliament from Musoma, who is Julius Nyerere's nephew, will be coming to meet with us here at Maisha Na Maji next week to talk about more plans and filters for the schools in Musoma. Delivered another bicycle and will deliver one more on Friday. Still have about five to do, but plan to have those come out of Musoma. Still having major rains two or three times a week. It gets really, really hot and then pours down with thunder and lightening for several hours. Should end soon though for several months of dry season. Shaban will have his appendix removed laproscopically when the specialist comes from Dar Es Salaam with the proper equipment. It is scheduled for June 30th, but should only take two or three days in the hospital. Keep him in your prayers.
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