Monday, April 25, 2011

What a wonderful Easter! We got to sit with our granddaughters and listen to my son sing a solo in his church's cantata. Then, we went to the Easter service at Sequoyah UMC and heard handbells, a great sermon, and the hallelujah chorus at the end of the service. Martha and her husband took us out to lunch. This afternoon, we played with and said goodbye to our son, his wife, and little Laura and Karen. A little weepy, but very good. Packing now because early tomorrow we leave for Tulsa, Dallas, and New York. Should be at my son, Chris's, in NY by 11:00 pm tomorrow night. Two days in New York and then back to Africa. We need to get Yellow Fever inoculations in New York because there has been an outbreak in Tanzania, but Brenda has it arranged. God bless everyone who helped to make our visit such a special one. Click on photo at right to see several more pictures.
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