Friday, March 4, 2011

For the third time, we have been able to give a handicapped person new freedom. Sylvester was born with malformed legs and has had to drag himself around on his hands his whole life. Someone spoke to Karen about him at a sanitation and hygiene seminar and Karen said she would do something about it. We had to get four pictures of him and an official document with his name on it as well as his measurements. We then went to the Catholic Charities where we got the last two hand-cranked wheelchairs only to find that they had gone out of business since the nun who ran it had gone back to England. We found a disability workshop in Musoma that agreed to build us one for twice what we had been paying, but even at that $300 was not much for giving the gift of freedom. It took weeks to build but we have now delivered it, and my son, Chris, got to help and to see what we do here. Chris was as profoundly affected as Sylvester was. Check out the pictures by clicking on the picture at the right. Keep us in your prayers.
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