Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chris and Brenda have gone and Charlini was very upset. She kept saying, "Wapi Brenda na Chrees?" (Where are Brenda and Chris?) While in Mwanza, dropping off Brenda and Chris, John bought us our final plane tickets for our trip back to the US. We will be flying on six different planes and four different airlines, but we will get there. Karen also hurt her hand getting out of the boat from the island and she went to see a doctor in Mwanza. She goes back tomorrow to get a cast for either two weeks or six weeks--will find out tomorrow, but she will be better. May have to have it removed in the US, but they can do that easily. We leave here the 22nd but won't get to Tulsa till the 25th. Then we will stay till the Monday after Easter, April 25th and back home a few days later. We are excited about going. Keep us in your prayers as we travel.
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