Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chris and Brenda have arrived, very tired after three days in the Serengeti, but boy are we happy to see them. John had a piki-piki accident this morning, but no one was hurt and the piki-piki is running again. A guy was in the wrong lane and ran into John. The guy started demanding a lot of money from John, but when John started yelling for the police, the whole crowd and the piki-piki rider just disappeared. Turns out this is a standard scam if you see a white guy on a bike, but it didn't work. Power went out this morning but is back on now. Got the reservations for the Lukuba Island trip and because I live in Bunda, we got much, much cheaper rates. Chris is paying anyway, but that will leave him with more money to help with our projects. I am staying here to run the mission while Karen, John, Chris, and Brenda go out to the island for a few days. I will enjoy the quiet. Well, lots of catching up to do. More tomorrow.
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