Friday, February 25, 2011

We are getting some good work done on the barbecue pit. It should be finished tomorrow, but it will take about five days for the cement to cure, and we have to get a fire pan and grill made (no Lowes here). The head teacher from St. Wiggins Academy came by today on his way to Nairobi to buy 30 more uniforms. I also gave him enough to buy a bicycle so he won't be late to school. The school now has 130 students, but we only pay for porridge and uniforms for 100. The others would rather send their children to St. Wiggins than to the government school and they pay us the same as they would pay for the government school. This money allows us to pay for porridge for them and to pay the teachers (three of them now). The uniforms are paid for now, but it any individual or Sunday School class wants to help, it takes $100 a month to feed 100 children. It's coming out of my pocket now, but I would appreciate any help anyone wants to offer. There will be school pictures in a week or so. When my son, Chris, is here, he wants to see the school--so, pictures then with all the kids in their uniforms. Maybe some video as well. Karen went up to the teachers college today and paid the tuition for all 18 of our scholarship students. We are up to date till next August. Thank you to all who have given to this wonderful cause (blessing).
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