Thursday, February 10, 2011

Very hot today, the power was out and our generator quit. Had to open some doors and windows to get a breeze through to cool things down. Power came back around five pm, so fans could work again. There has never been snow here--I miss it. Charlini missed school again but came here instead. She still had a little fever, but she did say, "I love you, Babu" to me. Warmed my heart. She has no father, her fifteen-year-old mother died giving birth to her, so I am glad we are here to help. There are so many like her here. She uses legos to make a cell phone and then pretends to talk to us. She even imitates Karen's limp sometimes, just to show off. Little ones keep you young. John teaches in Musoma tomorrow. Our son, Chris and his wife, Brenda are coming on the 27th and will stay till March 10th. We are really looking forward to seeing them.
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