Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Turns out my little stomach upset was amoebic dysentery which I have struggled with for three weeks. The medicine works, though, and I am on the downhill side of things now. Perhaps next week I will get to St. Wiggins Academy to take some more pictures of the now 100 students. We have purchased 60 uniforms so far with 40 to go. In the meantime, I give them $80 a month for two cups of porridge each morning for each student. Not bad, $ .80 cents per month per student. For some, it is their only meal of the day. The teacher also had tee shirts made for 60 students as well. The picture on the right is of Charlini with her new uniform. She came in giggling to beat the band with it in a sack and started stripping right there to put it on. Her grandmother, Juliana, hustled her into another room to change. What a joy to have that joy here every day.
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