Sunday, February 20, 2011

Reread the parable of the sower today and realized that I had missed what I think is the main point. I've heard lots about the kinds of soil and what we should be doing about improving ourselves as soil or being careful about where we sow, but I think the message is simpler than that. I think we are just supposed to sow and sow and sow. We are not to worry about where the seeds fall because our job is to sow--everywhere and all the time. Jesus sowed, the disciples sowed, and now the job has fallen to us. It matters not where you are or what you do for a living, what matters is that you sow. St. Francis of Assisi said to preach every day and if necessary to use words. We sow with every smile, every pat on the back, every wrong against us forgiven, every good role model we perform. If we are sowing Christ's love, then we need to fling it far and often. Don't be worrying about how much wheat is growing, that's not your job. Your job is to sow. Sow for your family, your friends, strangers, and especially all those who have not heard. If seeds haven't sprouted before, don't worry about it--just sow and sow some more. It's all we do here, really, but it's a lot and it's what we have been asked to do. So, sow.
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