Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Most of the country has been experiencing drought and most of our power comes from hydroelectric generators, so the whole country is on three-day-a-week power outages. Usually from eight in the morning till four or five in the afternoon. But we adapt. This is not as bad as our first six months here when the power was off from six am till six pm every day for five months. But even then we adapted. Humans are creative and clever and thankfully someone invented generators. Of course, petrol (gasoline) is at $ 9.00 a gallon here, so running the generator can be expensive. As long as we can keep the refrigerator running, we are okay. And, we don't have snow everywhere. Besides, only 12% of Tanzanians even have access to electricity in the first place, and of that 12% who have access, only about half of those actually use it. We need solar stuff here. Keep us in your prayers.
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