Saturday, February 19, 2011

The little niece of Amos died Friday in Magu. He is down there for the funeral. John is working on a new project to build a new filter work area down near the car park. Today they are running water lines to it. Me, I had the crown that I spent a year getting fixed fall out of my mouth today, so a trip to Mwanza on Monday to see what can be done. Don't you just love unscheduled trips to the dentist? Especially volunteer dental students? Actually, I thank God for their work. Things would be really grim otherwise. All the hospitals have a guy who can pull teeth, but that's about it. Shaban took a guy into the Ngorongoro crater with a borrowed car that broke down and had to be towed out of the crater. It's a treacherous, steep road, so I don't envy him. He should be back Monday in time to take me to Mwanza. Karen has been doing a lot of school work lately, but she loves it. The kids are always so happy to see her. I did pick up the hand-cranked wheel chair yesterday, so next week we can get it to the young man who needs it in Lamadi. Never a dull moment. John made the best chili last night. Oh boy, was it good. Glad I got to eat it before my tooth fell out. Little blessings.
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