Thursday, February 3, 2011

John went to Musoma today to pick up the hand/wheelchair but they were just starting to paint it, so we will get it next Tuesday. If my health permits, I will go Tuesday to meet with Bishop Christopher Ndege of the Mennonite church for a tour of their seminary and to talk about arrangements to better handle our scholarship for the teachers college--which turns out to be a Mennonite facility. Next week also, I hope to get back to St. Wiggins Academy in Lamadi to deliver the chair, take some pictures of the kids in their new uniforms and meet with the Member of Parliament for that area (at his request). I will be happy to get out of the house. Karen's school is running really well and John is working on a project with a man in Dar Es Salaam on ways to sell things online here in Tanzania using cell phones. Also sold three more filters today for a nun in Musoma. Lusi is back but still feeling a little under the weather, however she refuses to go home or even to rest in a guest cottage. Her loyalty is admirable but sometimes frustrating. God bless all of you suffering in snow.
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