Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It got to 85 today which is hot for us. We are in our summer even though we are only two degrees south of the equator. Our Australian friends who are home for a furlough tell us it is so hot there the sheets are too hot to sleep on. Happily, we can take cold showers here to cool off. A really hot day is a three-shower day. Yesterday was only two showers. Lusi showed up for work today, but she was still sick, so we sent her home again. Our internet provider's tower blew down and it took them a whole day to fix it. Charlini's phrase from school today was "my hair". How often is she going to need to say that in English? She has an advantage over the other kids because she can practice with us. Her mother was only fifteen and Charlini only five days old when Graci died from complications in childbirth. Death and life at the same time. It is, to quote the Lion King, the circle of life here.
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