Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In yesterday's blog, I talked about the national power outages. This is not to say that the power is on the rest of the time. Even when there is plenty of water for the hydroelectric generators, we lose power once or twice every day. Sometimes just for twenty minutes, sometimes for two or three hours, but I cannot remember a 24 hour period when the power was constant. There are even times that we have to run the generator because we are getting too much power. Everything here is 220/240 volts, but there are surges that will take it to 300 or 350 which will fry everything we've got. Happily, our circuit breakers protect us, but it seems strange to be running the generator when our power grid light is on--indicating that we are getting power. This is not a complaint. We have missionary friends in other countries that have to rely on generator power completely. Some have solar set ups which are very good, but very expensive to set up. We love it here and wouldn't be anywhere else. This is where God wants us, and this is where we'll stay. Thank you for all your prayers.
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