Monday, February 28, 2011

I am frequently depressed about my physical appearance, and I don't think I am alone in this. However, if a farmer has an old, rusted hulk of an antique car in his barn--all he sees is a bucket of rust. An antique car restorer doesn't see it that way. He sees that old rusted hulk as it will be, after he has applied his skills to it. He sees the finished, gleaming restored car with a blue ribbon hanging from its hood ornament because he sees it as what it can be with his hands having lovingly worked on it. That's the way Jesus sees us, not as we see ourselves, but as what we can be--in the Master's hands. Jesus doesn't see the fat, the scars, the missing hair, the internal parts that don't work well anymore, no Jesus only sees what we can achieve by serving Him with the love He will give. Since there is no such thing as a rusted old chassis that Jesus cannot make new again, He only sees with the love inside Him. Robert Burns once wrote (in a poem called "To A Louse") that what a gift it would be if we could see ourselves as others see us. The real gift would be to see ourselves as Jesus sees us--as His children of whom He is very proud. Hard to be depressed if seen through the eyes of our Lord. Stop judging yourself by what you see, and start the transformation to the wonderful by allowing Jesus to lead, to love, to guide, to inspire, and to give you a clean heart. That is the "heart" of the matter, to give Jesus your heart, and let His hands do their work. Hard to do, I know, but well worth the effort. No old rusted hulks seen by Jesus, only what we can be if we just let Him work. Pray that you give yourself to Him so that He can remake you.
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