Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Had a very good meeting with Bishop Monto. We have problems with the man who was supposed to come from Arusha to pastor the Bunda church. His wife won't leave Arusha and is demanding monthly payments if her husband does come. This won't work. We don't have to the funds to pay any of our pastors. We help them with food and school fees, but that's about it. More trouble making from the rogue pastors in Tireme, but Monto went up there and filed some papers with the court, so that should be over soon. We are pretty excited about our son and daughter-in-law from New York City coming next Wednesday. We haven't seen them in over three years, so this will be very nice indeed. They will only be here a week, but we are grateful for every day. One thing missionaries miss most is contact with their families. This will be the first direct contact since 2008, so we are very happy. Boy, is it hot here. We need some rain soon. Maybe my son will bring it.
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